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Welcome to Innopest, your most trusted partner in bird control and prevention in Malaysia.

We provide a comprehensive range of bird services tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Innopest Bird Control

Bird Control Netting

Bird Control – Physical Barrier / Netting

Prevent bird infestations and protect your property from potential health risks with our top-notch Bird Netting Solution. Employing this proven method, we have successfully deterred birds, helping numerous property owners in avoiding health concerns and ongoing pest control expenses. Scientific evidence supports the efficacy of our bird netting approach in reducing overall bird presence, ensuring a safer and more comfortable environment for your space. Choose our Bird Netting Solution for comprehensive and effective bird control.

Bird Control Spike and Ultrasonic Device

Bird Control – Bird Spike / Ultrasound Machine

Prevent bird infestations and safeguard your property from potential health risks with our premium Bird Spike and Ultrasound Deterrent Machine. Utilizing this proven method, we have successfully discouraged birds, assisting numerous property owners in averting health concerns and ongoing pest control expenses. Scientific evidence supports the efficacy of our bird spike and ultrasound deterrent approach in reducing overall bird presence, ensuring a safer and more comfortable environment for your space. Choose our Bird Spike and Ultrasound Deterrent Machine for comprehensive and effective bird control.

Bird Control Gel

Bird Control – Chemical Treatment

Innopest introduces a highly effective and environmentally friendly bird repellent gel for proactive bird control. Specifically designed to address avian nuisances in urban and commercial spaces, strategically apply our gel to deter birds and prevent inconvenience and potential health risks associated with their presence. Choose Innopest’s bird repellent gel for a comprehensive and environmentally conscious solution.

A Bird Control Partner To Protect Your Business

Ensuring a pest-free environment for your peace of mind both at work and at home is crucial, especially when it comes to birds. Over 10,000 customers rely on Innopest to protect their businesses and residences from the troublesome consequences of bird-related issues.

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Become part of a community where content business owners rely on our established expertise in bird control. We guarantee a bird-free and immaculate environment for your commercial space, allowing you to elevate your business standards with our trustworthy services.

Rest assured, our In-House Professionals will skillfully manage and address all your bird concerns. Innopest is your go-to partner for comprehensive and effective bird control solutions, ensuring the protection of your commercial space from the potential damages caused by bird-related issues. Join us in maintaining a pest-free environment for your business.

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Common Signs of Bird Presence

Birds present a significant threat, causing discomfort and distress through their presence, droppings, and nesting activities. Some of the critical issues associated with birds include property damage, health hazards due to droppings, and the disruption of daily activities. When birds infest living spaces, they can induce stress and discomfort for individuals. Trust Innopest for effective bird control measures, ensuring a more hygienic and stress-free environment for both residents and occupants.

Additionally, birds can contribute to the spread of diseases through their droppings, posing a potential health risk. Trust Innopest to address not only the physical presence of birds but also the associated health concerns. Our comprehensive bird control solutions prioritize both the immediate removal of birds and the mitigation of potential disease risks.

pigeon dropping

Bird dropping

Bird droppings sighted inside or outside the building.

bird nest

Visible bird nest

Birds often build their nests in high places, such as the ceiling or corners of rooftops.

bird chirping

Chirping sound

Bird chirping sound

visible bird flying

Visible adult bird

Frequent sighting of bird flying in and out of the building

We Guarantee Significant Results After 1 Just 1 Time Treatment

KKM Standard Compliance

Innopest upholds its commitment with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, assuring clients that they will witness significant results after just one bird control treatment. We are dedicated to ensuring your contentment and the effectiveness of our bird control solutions.

Innopest’s bird control system has protected numerous individuals from discomfort and distress caused by birds and has played a vital role in assisting business owners in maintaining their reputation. With a successful track record, we are highly confident that our bird control solutions will effectively address the risks associated with discomfort and distress caused by birds, ensuring a more sanitary environment for both individuals and businesses.

Take Advantage of Our Free Bird Consultation and Free Quote

Enlist the expertise of our bird control specialists to tackle and resolve your bird concerns through a comprehensive assessment of your property. This proactive approach aims to mitigate potential health risks and financial burdens. Innopest is committed to protecting your well-being from bird-related issues, including the spread of diseases, with our professional services.

Reach out to our bird control field inspectors today to pinpoint potential nesting sites and entry points for birds on your property and address them preemptively to ensure the safety of your health and premises.

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    Awards We Received

    BASF Best Pest Manager Award

    BASF Best Pest Manager Award

    Innopest has reached a significant milestone, making us exceptionally proud to accept the prestigious BASF Best Pest Management Award for 2022. This honor is widely acknowledged as the zenith of achievement in the Pest Control Services Industry across Malaysia, highlighting our dedication to excellence within the field. It is a testament to Innopest’s unwavering commitment to elevating industry standards and ensuring the highest quality of service. This recognition is not just a validation of our past efforts but also an inspiration to continue pushing the boundaries in the Pest Control Services sector.

    Asia Honesty Enterprise Award

    Asia Honesty Enterprise Award

    At Innopest, we take great pride in offering Pest Control Services with transparent pricing that ensures your satisfaction. Our commitment to honesty and integrity is not just a slogan; it’s a fundamental part of our business ethos. In 2015, we received the esteemed Asia Honesty Award, a highly regarded recognition of our unwavering dedication to transparency, integrity, and ethical business practices. Upholding the highest standards of honesty and trustworthiness is at the core of our identity, and this award serves as a testament to our enduring commitment to integrity across all facets of our Pest Control Services. Winning the Asia Honesty Award in 2015 was a significant milestone for us, but it’s also a promise to maintain and enhance our legacy of honesty and accountability in all our endeavors, ensuring the trust and satisfaction of our clients.

    Our Affiliation

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    Active Member of Malaysian Pest Management Association

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    A Licensed Pest Control Operator By The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security

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    Authorized Operator for Sentricon Colony Elimination Ststem, Corteva Agriscience

    Our Service Coverage

    Northern Region

    – Penang
    – George Town
    – Bayan Lepas
    – Balik Pulau
    – Tanjung Tokong
    – Batu Ferringhi
    – Tanjung Bungah
    – Kepala Batas
    – Tasek Gelugor
    – Butterworth
    – Bukit Mertajam
    – Perai
    – Simpang Ampat
    – Batu Kawan
    – Nibong Tebal
    – Parit Buntar
    – Bagan Serai
    – Taiping
    – Sungai Petani
    – Kulim

    Central Region

    – Selangor
    – Balakong
    – Bukit Jalil
    – Cheras
    – Kota Kemuning
    – Kuala Lumpur
    – Petaling Jaya
    – Puchong
    – Putrajaya
    – Serdang
    – Seri Kembangan
    – Shah Alam
    – Subang Jaya
    – Rawang
    – Sungai Buloh


    Southern Region

    – Johor Bahru
    – Gelang Patah
    – Iskandar Puteri
    – Kukup
    – Kulai
    – Masai
    – Pasir Gudang
    – Pekan Nanas
    – Pontian District
    – Rambah
    – Senai
    – Ulu Tiram

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