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Rat Control Service in Penang & Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Trap, Remove & Prevent Rodents From Coming Back

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Stop Rats From Becoming Your Return Customers Or Visitors

Having the “uninvited guests” – rats roaming around in your house, kitchen, restaurant, offices or any business facility is not a pleasant experience for all. Worst of all, their returns on a regular basis are hard to be controlled albeit thousands of them have been killed or removed before that.

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Extensive Experience In Rodent Control

Businesses rely on clean environment to build the reputation and be successful, and home owners can have peace of mind during sleep without worrying about the damaging impacts the rats bring to your property and family members. In both cases, rats are creating the exact opposite effects for your business and property.


DIY solutions from a retail markets may well be able to fix your problem for once or twice, but it is proven not to be the long term solution in solving the rat problem. While businesses and home owners are “trying” out the DIY options, the health of family members and reputation of business are at risk due to the damaging health and hygiene effects rodents carry.

Our trained experts specialized at spotting the potential entry points for rats, and propose effective solution in how to remove them and keep them away in long term. It takes years of experience and training to acquire the skill and this is also the reason why Innopest is the professional solution provider to your rat problem.

Minimum Disruption To Your Daily Activities While We Remove Your Rats

Removing the existence of rats is not done through traditional ways such as take a stick and chases them around. In Innopest, our professional experts set up mouse traps, bait stations and use nets to remove them from your property, and prevent them from ever coming back again.

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Need To Get Rid Of Pests As Soon As Possible?

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Enjoy A Quick Solution To Get Rid Of Your Rats, And Stop Them From Ever Coming Back

Get a FREE consultation and inspection session with our highly trained experts to understand the best way to keep your property rat-free. It is quick, easy and completely FREE. Call us today to find out more.