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Worry Of Having To Pay More Than What You Should?

With Our Promised Honest-Priced Best Solution, Worry Be Gone!

Asia Honesty Enterprise Award

YES!!! we offer honest pricing and ensure you pay with a smile. Being awarded the Asia Honesty Enterprise in 2015, honesty is simply the best policy practised by our company! No unnecessary charges to you! It’s honest-priced and we assured that you received the best solution.

A Complete Solution with Follow-Ups – No Leftover of Pests!

No doubts! We will show up at your doorstep for follow-up sessions to ensure that we have solved your pest issues completely. Your satisfaction is always our priority. We guarantee a complete “NO PESTS” condition with our service and follow-up sessions – That’s our goal!

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A Pest Control Company Trusted by Thousands

Innopest is now a trusted pest control company with operations of more than ten years, and is recognized by thousands of our clients across the nation. We remain the preferred pest control company to our loyal clients and we are committed in continuing providing the highest level of professional service to our clients.
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Safe & Effective Solution with 0% Risks – And It’s a Guarantee!

With our team of pest experts and specialists, we ensure a safe and effective pest control service being delivered to you. We ensure safety first for all while effectively get rid of pests. Topped with our money-back guarantee for termite control service, you can now be fearless to invest on us.

The Professional Pest Control Service For Your Home & Your Workplace

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For Businesses

Running a business is hard work! Dealing with both customers and PESTS is simply maddening. Give us a chance to be your pest solution provider and to maintain your business reputation.

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Realizing the importance of pest control and risks faced by food processing industries, hence, our service complies to ISO 22000 Food Safety Management, Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
We ensure all pests be absent without a trace & with no re-occurrence of pests invasion.

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For Homes

Termites are Johorians’ greatest fear and the most unpleasant guests in houses. We truly understand that home is a place for relaxation after a tiring day at work.

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Do you wish to go back to a comfortable house without having to deal with termites and other harmful pests??
We Could Make Your Wish Come True – We are your ideal “Termites Terminator”. We get rid of termites and other house pests for you so that you can happily head home to rest with no pests.

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