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Here are some of our Clients Testimonials

Innopest Solutions demonstrates a very systematic pest control approach, which is leading to sustainable good results. Their timely responses and customer-oriented service attitude are impressive and exceeded our expectations. Their associates show high dedication and commitment since we engaged them as our pest control provider.

Sandra Donneau

Commercial Director, Robert Bosch Power Tools

We have decided to engage Innopest and placed our confidence fully on them in assisting us in obtaining the ISO 13485 standard. Thanks to the professional services provided, we have obtained the ISO 13485 standard after the first round audit. The professionalism shown throughout each stage of collaboration is truly impressive and value for money.

Lim C.H.

Sharp – S&O Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

Innopest has been servicing the power plant from the stage with zero construction activity to the completion of power plant construction on the land for our local client. To date, we are extremely satisfied with the top-notch service provided by Innopest in preventing and solving our pest problems. We are truly grateful for the service rendered and would, in no doubt, engage them again for any future services. We would also recommend Innopest to anyone who needs a pest control expert to solve their problem with a peace of mind.

Kim, T.S

Admin Manager, Samsung C&T (KL) Sdn Bhd.

In compliance with HACCP Standard, Innopest has proposed and implemented an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program to manage, monitor and control the existing pest problems that we faced. They take their profession seriously, and we are truly satisfied with the level of service provided to us throughout the service tenure.


Pure Rich Biotech Sdn Bhd.

We engaged Innopest Solutions with the aim to solve the termite issue in our school compound. We are truly impressed by their professional service rendered to us and the patience in guiding us through the process of total termite colony elimination without using any chemicals pumping and holes drillings. The environmentally friendly solutions used by Innopest Solutions is not only effective in eliminating termites in our school compounds but also did not post any health risk to our employees and students in the building.

Tan W.M.

Dean, Sekolah Matahari

The team is responsive, and we were truly impressed that they are able to identify the termite species during the first visit and subsequently eliminated the termite colony with a short time frame with environmentally friendly solutions. After the termite issue was solved, we continue to engage Innopest for maintenance service. They have never missed any scheduled appointment, and we have peace of mind throughout the service tenure.

Operation Manager

TransPak Worldwide Sdn. Bhd.

We have dealt with several pest control service providers, and Innopest is the only one that met our expectations throughout the term of services provided. The professionalism shown by the expert team members has exceeded our expectations, and they are proven to be one of the best team that I have ever met.

Lam S.F., QA Manager

Mafipro Sdn. Bhd.

Throughout the tenure of service, not only did Innopest not apply any chemical during the process, but Innopest has also managed to set up a safe perimeter on our premises to prevent the rat problem from occurring again. This is particularly important to us as our associates’ health is not compromised during the treatment stage.

Lai, K.C, Project Director

Robert Bosch


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An Effective & Personalized Pest Control
Approach To Address Your Pest Problem

In Innopest, our focus is to provide a one-stop cost-effective solution to solve your pest problems in the shortest possible time. We have a proven track record on solving termites and pest problems with our reputation backed by our no quibble money-back guarantee.

By using a scientific and eco-friendly approach, we communicate closely with our clients and customize pest management programs according to our clients risk profile and tolerance level. We take our clients concerns seriously through active communication in order to provide the right and effective solutions to achieve ultimate clients’ satisfaction.

Residential Sector

Innopest is experienced in providing effective solutions in achieving a pest-free home environment. Eco-friendly methods are applied and safety remains as our top priority. Peace of mind is no longer a dream in your home environment with our pest control service.

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Commercial Sector

Found some scary “monsters” in your office or factory? Call us today and we will solve your problem. Innopest covers pest problems for all commercial sectors from the food industry to traditional office buildings, all using our own effective and eco-friendly methods.

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24-Hour On Call Pest Control Experts

When you appoint an expert like Innopest, you engage a team of specialists that are available around the clock to help protect you against the threat of termites and pests. Our professional team will arrive onsite the same business day, or within 24 hours for locations out of town, giving you the best possible service.

More Than 10000 Customers Said They Trust Innopest

We have a proven track record on solving our clients pest problem and this is backed by our customers review. We provide hassle free solutions to our clients on a long term basis to ensure a peace of mind against the threat from pests or termites.

All our termite baiting services are backed by our promise on money-back guarantee.

The Key Experts In Pest Control
Who Are Ready To Solve Your Problems

Alex Kong

Alex holds a key role in Innopest Solutions as the Lead Pest Management Specialists. Alex graduated with a BSc. (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences and is a certified licensed applicator by Pesticide Board, Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia.


Annie graduated with an MSc. in Urban & Industrial Entomology and is now the Lead Entomologist within the company. Annie is also a certified licensed applicator by Pesticide Board, Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia.


Graduated with a Master of S. Science and coming from HR and training background, James is here in Innopest Solutions to groom the team to deliver the best service to our clients.


Reina is another experienced entomologist in Innopest Solutions. Reina graduated with a BSc. (Hons) in Applied Biology (USM) after completing her study about Aedes Mosquito. She is a certified licensed applicator by Pesticide Board, Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia.


Jalilatul joined Innopest Solutions as our entomologist right after her graduation. She studied the effect pf parasites on human and graduated with a BSc. (Hons) in Applied Biology (USM). She is also a licensed pesticide applicator, certified by Pesticide Board, Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia.


With a degree in Biology and Chemistry, Faisal wants to contribute to the betterment of humankind by continuously studying and discovering ways to protect crops and livestock from being spoiled.


Aina conducted various studies and projects on the efficacy and the toxicity of insecticides towards pest when she was completing her BSc. (Hons) in Applied Biology at USM. She is now applying her knowledge to give excellent service to our clients and keep our environment safe.


With more than 5 years of experience in pest management, Afifi is now very proficient in troubleshooting the pest problems at a site. Afifi is a licensed applicator, certified by the Pesticide Board.


Adam is another licensed applicator certified by Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia at Innopest Solutions. 5 years in this industry has made Adam excellent in the technicalities of pest management.

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Licensed & ISO Compliant Pest Control Company


Innopest is a Malaysian-grown pest control service company with business presence in Penang, Kedah and Johor Bahru. We advocate in effective pest control solutions that are safe, environment friendly and cost-effective.


Innopest offers customized and personalized one-stop pest control solutions to our clients in meeting their pest control requirements.


As a licensed pest control solution provider with accreditation from Ministry of Agriculture of Malaysia, we consistently strive to maintain the service quality and in exceeding our clients expectations on a safe and conducive pest-free environment.

Asia Honesty Enterprise Award Winner

An Active Member of The Malaysia Pest Management Association

A Licensed Pest Control Operator By The Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia

An Authorized Operator for The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System from Dow-USA

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