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Home Pest Control Management in Penang, Butterworth, Johor, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Termites, Rats, Ants, and Cockroach Control Service by In-House Professional

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Keep The Nasty “Monster”
Problem Away From Your Home

In Innopest, we understand the damages caused by termites and pests to your home environment. We are experienced in solving pest problems for all types of properties including high-rise condominium, apartment, terrace house as well as houses in rural areas.

Once we have successfully got rid of the unwanted pests, we will proceed with maintaining a protection perimeter around your home to keep those pests away from you and your loved ones.

Better Protection & A Better Living Environment For Your Family

We know that peace of mind is far for reach by having termites eating your house while you sleep. By living together with the termites and pests under the same roof, the health of your family members and the property are not properly safeguard.

Innopest is ready to help home owners who are facing pest problems, regardless of where you stay.

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Each Home Is Unique And So Is Your Pest Problem

Innopest uses a scientific, eco-friendly and cost-effective approach to solve your pest problem. Through active communication with our clients, we are able to customize pest management programs according to our clients risk profile tailored to their needs. All other factors such as location, home condition, family members, surrounding environments and etc, are taken into consideration before proposing the best solution to our clients.

Our on-site colleagues are experienced, professional and uniformed. They travel with a clean and well-maintained Innopest vehicles, and are ready to reach our clients within 24 hours upon receiving enquiry. Our high quality service level is guaranteed at all times to ensure your home be protected with the best solution against unwelcomed pests.

Protect Your House Before Pests Come Into Your House

Other than diagnosing and solving your pest problems, Innopest also provides prevention pest program to protect your house from any pests. Even you are not facing any pest problem as of now, you can still benefit from a pest prevention plan to avoid any intrusion of pest.

Innopest is always ready to provide advice on the potential entry points of termites or pests in your residence, and assist in prevention plan before the intrusion. Call us today to get an appointment for FREE to prevent any pest from invading your house.

Protect Your House

Need To Get Rid Of Pests As Soon As Posible?

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Get A FREE Termite And Pest Consultation Today –  We’re Your Strongest Weapon Against Termites And Pests

Innopest is home owners’ strongest ally against termites and pests. Our mission is to keep pests away from your property. With our extensive experiences in the pest control industry, no one knows the enemy like we do. Call us today for a FREE consultation today!

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