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Our Story

INNOPEST Solutions is an established company that provides innovative and revolutionary pest control solutions. We are a group of enthusiastic professionals that introduce and practice eco-friendly forms of pest management. Our specialists are qualified entomologists and experienced university graduates who are committed to eliminating your worries of seen and unseen pests.
We are committed to providing a wide range of innovative low-impact solutions, from residential termite management to commercial and industrial standards of GMP, ISO, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) compliance pest management.

Our Core Competencies include:


Innovative Low-impact Solutions with Proven Effectiveness

We are committed to providing ONLY innovative low-impact solutions with proven effectiveness to our clients.


Professional & Committed Workforce

We provide a well-trained, dedicated, responsible and efficient workforce to our clients who are committed to solving your pest problems.

Our Vision

To become respected as the leading nationwide company in the pest control industry.

Our Mission

To be the most innovative, dynamic and trustworthy pest control company through the implementation of scientific, professional and eco-friendly methodologies.

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