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Effective Termite Control & Treatment System That Gets Rid Of The Whole Termite Colony
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No Drilling,
No Chemical Spraying

Termites, or commonly known as white ants, are causing millions of ringgit damages every year. Traditional termite control methods involve drilling or spraying of chemicals which may be toxic to your surrounding environment.

Innopest has extensive experiences in dealing with termites and pests. We are not an advocate of traditional methods and we take consideration of the surrounding environment in solving the termite problem. Our termite control system is proven to be effective in eliminating the entire termite colony and ensuring a termite-free environment within the shortest possible time.

No Empty Promises to You, It’s 100% Money Back Guarantee For Every Deal!

Innopest has a promise of 100% money-back guarantee to all our clients. If our system does not work within 120 days of baiting process, you will get back every single cent that you have invested.

Innopest bait system has protected over 1 million structural damages, and we are highly confident that it will solve your termite problem by eliminating not only one termite, but the entire termite colony.

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Take Advantage Of  Our Free Termite Inspection

Have our termite control team to solve your termite problem by visiting your property before it brings even more damaging impacts to your health and money. Innopest is ready for service in protecting your property from any termites.

Contact our termite field inspectors today to identify the potential entry points of termites in your property, and to eliminate them before they start destroying your property.

Termite Inspection

A Better Plan To Deal With Your Enemy : Termites

Protect Your House


Stop termites in their tracks and prevent further structural damage to your property. Successfully getting rid of termites helps you in saving repair costs as well as future termite treatment expenses.

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Prevent termites from returning. We are professional in preventing the termites from entering your property. Prevention is always better than cure.

Free Yourself From Worry With A Comprehensive Termite Control Solution

Innopest provides a long-term comprehensive system that is able to provide total peace of mind to our clients. This system works to protect and prevent your property from termite attack, as well as to address the termite infestation problem by total colony elimination.

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Step 1

Our trained Termite Field Inspectors will inspect your property for signs of termites.

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Step 2

In-ground monitoring stations iwll be installed around your property

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Step 3

Our Termite Field Inspector will carry out regular inspections of the stations and your property to identify any termite activity.

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Step 4

When termites are found in one or more stations, they will be transferred to a bait-tube device containing Recruit II termite bait which will be waiting for them.

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Step 5

The captured termites will feed on the bait we provide, recruit more colony members and then share the food to others in the nest. As they do so, the colony will start to decline and eventually be eliminated.

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Step 6

After a colony has been eliminated, the bait is replaced with a new device which will monitor your property for any new colonies.

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