Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control Management in Penang & Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Termites, Rodents, Ants, and Cockroach Control Service For Your Company

Integrated Pest Control Management For All Industries

Innopest Commercial Pest Control Service Helps Protect Your Business From Any Pest Problems.
We Keep Your Business Reputation Positive & Ensure Conformity To All Regulatory Standards.


For Businesses Dealing With Food

Maximum preventive protection and non-toxic pest control services for restaurants / foodservice, food & beverage processing, healthcare / pharmaceutical industries.


For Businesses Not Dealing With Food

Outstanding solutions & cost effective pest control services for factories, retail, shopping malls, offices, schools, colleges.

The Pest Control Experts Who Know Your Business

Innopest has extensive pest control experiences across various industries. We apply effective commercial pest control solutions which are proven safe and environmental friendly. We minimize the use of chemicals, and safety of our clients and the business facility remains as our top priority.

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Customized & Personalized Commercial Pest Control Approach To Address Your Pest Problem

Every client and every case is unique to us. Our team is well-trained to evaluate the case on a case-to-case basis, identify the underlying causes of the pest issues, communicate the findings to our clients and lastly, propose and deliver a personalized solutions based on the environment analysis.

We often take into consideration on the environment condition, risk of food contamination, tolerance towards drilling and facilities condition before proposing a solution to our clients.


Remove Pest Problems That Eat Up Your Profit in Many Ways

Pest issues may bring structural damages to your facility, contaminate raw materials and destroy inventory. For food and beverages businesses, serious pest issues can cause food poisoning, transmit harmful diseases and violate health regulations. Most importantly, it will damage your business reputation and creating a negative experience for your customers. Hence, it is imperative to get rid of pest problems once you have identified it.

To safeguard your business against the threat of pest problems, contact our pest control team today for an effective pest control solution.

24-hours on call pest controller

24-Hours On Call Pest Control Expert

Your business may be running around the clock, but so is the pest problem that is threatening your business and its profits. Innopest offers 24-hours round-the-clock on-call service to our valued clients. We understand our clients’ need and are always on a standby basis in attending to their pest control requirement.

We strive to provide the most cost-effective and efficient pest control solutions to our clients by solving your pest control problems in the shortest possible time. With personalized and professional service delivered by Innopest, you can place your trust on us in solving your pest control problems.

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