One of the main disadvantages of living in a hot and humid country is the pesky little creatures that enter your house. They are not only irritating but also a nuisance if they enter your kitchen cupboard or wardrobe. One such creature that is commonly seen in most households are ants. Once inside the house, they can be everywhere from your kid’s toy box to your sugar container.

Below are few ways to get rid of these pesky creatures the natural way:

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  1. Block the entry: Normally ants enter the house through gaps found in windows, doors and other cracks. The best way to prevent their entry is by sealing the gaps. Use kneadable epoxy putty that will set in just 5-10 minutes to close all the gaps. This not only prevents ants but also all other small creatures from entering your house.
  2. Use chalk and talcum powder: Once you block the entryway, you can draw a line of chalk or talcum powder near the door or window. These powders block the pheromone trail left by ants, that prevent them from entering the house.
  3. Spray lemon juice: Mix 10 drops of lemon essential oil or pure lemon juice with water and spray on areas where ants are likely to move around. The citrus scent of the lemon blocks the scent trail for ants to follow. One disadvantage of this method is that you need to repeat it again and again as the ants enter once the lemon scent fades off.
  4. Use Cinnamon: Sprinkle ground cinnamon on the entry way of ants. Or soak cotton balls in a mixture of cinnamon essential oil and water and wipe it on areas where ants enter. Ants generally dislike the smell of cinnamon which prevents them from entering the house.
  5. Clean with vinegar: Clean all surfaces with an equal quantity of vinegar and water. Vinegar has the power to remove the scent trail left by ants. Moreover, ants dislike the smell of vinegar.
  6. Wipe with peppermint oil: Ants generally do not come in places where peppermint oil is used as they dislike the smell. Moreover, it provides a refreshing smell to the room and is safe to use with pets and children around.
  7. Place citrus peels: Placing citrus peels like lemon and orange peel in the area where ants are likely to move around will also help in diverting their path. But you need to replace the peel once it loses its smell.
  8. Place bay leaves: If ants have entered your kitchen cabinet, drawers or wardrobes, then placing few bay leaves will help to keep the ants at bay.
  9. Sprinkle ground coffee: If you can find the place outside the house through which ants get in, then sprinkling ground coffee can help you to get rid of them.
  10. Pour dish soap: If you have spotted an ant hill outside the house, then pouring dish soap helps to kill and get rid of those pesky creatures.

Just one of the above method may not be enough if you have a large colony of ants living outside the house. Try to combine two to three methods to make sure those pesky creatures are completely wiped out of your house.

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