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Help Me Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Worried About Scary Bed Bugs?


Bed bugs are commonly the biggest fear for travelers to wake up in a hotel bed (or even in your own bed) with terrific bites and droplets of blood on the bed sheets. The most commonly found bed bug species in Malaysia are Cimex lectularius and Cimex hemipterus.

Notwithstanding the higher risk of bed bug infestations in public accommodation, it is not uncommon to find them in your home too. It starts with just a single bed bug to “hitch” a ride on your clothing or luggage, and the infestation will start and follow you home.

The key to destroy bed bug is early detection, followed by a quick treatment by expert pest controller. Innopest is experienced in treating and get rid of bed bugs for many properties such as hotels and residential. Call us today for a FREE inspection on your home environment if you are in doubt of the existence of bed bugs in your house.


The Trusted Bed Bugs Control Services, Quick & Safe

Innopest has a customized package to help property owners to get rid of bed bugs in a quick and safe manner.  If clients are in doubt or find any sign of bed bugs after the completion of the treatment, we are happy to assist and re-evaluate the situation at all times.

If the situation requires another round of treatment, we will provide the treatment at minimal cost to ensure your home is being protected against the bed bugs invasion.

Where To Spot Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs are usually found in or near beds and couches, more commonly in hotel rooms and apartment. These pests usually hide in places such as:

  • Cracks, ceiling cracks
  • Seams, Door and Window Frames, skirting boards
  • Folds of Mattresses, Beddings, Bed Frames
  • Furniture, wardrobe
  • Peeling Wallpaper
  • Carpets and Rugs

How Can You Tell If There Are Signs Of Bed Bugs In The Room?

Bed bugs hide in tiny cracks and bed linen, and their presence are hard to be detected with naked eyes.  To an expert pest controller, signs of bed bugs are easy to spot.  It is important to spot the early signs of bed bugs and take quick actions to prevent the pests from spreading to other furniture or biting your family.  Here are a few tips on the common signs to look out for bed bugs:

Dark or Black stains or blood spots – on the mattress and surrounding area from bed bug excreta.
Sweet scent – an unpleasant, sweet, sickly scent.
Live insects – despite being small (adult insects are only 4-5mm long), it is still possible to spot live bed bugs and shed skins. Just be more attentive when you look at your bed sheet.


Are You Still Willing To Sleep With Bed Bugs?

Innopest will get the “uninvited bugs” out of your property with eco-friendly and minimal use of chemicals to ensure total protection against the bugs.

Help Me Get Rid Of Bed Bugs